Got Your Game Plan Ready for Taking Action as soon as 2015 Hits?  I hope so!


If you didn’t reach your goal for 2014, the perhaps these few tips will help you to prepare to crush it in the New Year!


Tip Number One:


Analyze the reason why you didn’t hit your goals.  This means taking a cold hard look at what you did wrong.  Are you doing the same things over and over again and expect different results?  It’s not going to happen!  You need to change something that you are doing.  Did you attend your company events?  Did you have the right mentor?  Did you hand around with people who are making the kind of money that you want to make?  You need to put more time, effort and money into your education.  The reason is that you only get paid what you are worth to the marketplace.  You only get out of your business that which you help others do with their businesses. 


Tip Number Two:


You want what you want what you want…but why?  What is the underlying reason you want to make that much money?  You need to get this down to the exact reason so that you know the “why” of why you are working so hard.


Tip Number Three:


But what if I don’t hit my goals?  One of the big reasons people quit is because they forgot why they are doing it in the first place and they have no pain if they don’t make it to their goals.  Ask yourself, if I don’t hit my goals what will happen?  This is enough to scare some people into that forward drive mode that will help them succeed.


Tip Number Four:


Get your numbers straight!  You need to be very specific about how much and when you want to earn that money.  Don’t allow yourself to be vague here because you want accurate, positive results by a certain date. 


Tip Number Five:


Take a good hard look in the mirror and be honest with yourself.  What habits do I need to change to experience a change in my business?  There are many small things that you could be doing that are sabotaging your business efforts.  Are you loitering on Facebook too much?  Do you answer your email when you should be marketing?  Do you waste time getting up from your workstation?  Do you work until you finish the task at hand?  Do you skip days of blogging for no good reason?  Small changes here could be the difference of making it or breaking it!


Tip Number Six:


You now know your WHY…what about your WHO?  Actually your who is probably more important than your why when breathing the breath of life into your failing business.  Who do you want to become?  Who is the person you want to grow into?  And why is that important to you?  Do you want others to look up to you as a leader?  Can you imagine yourself onstage receiving that big check?  Can you envision yourself as you write out that huge check for your favorite charity and hold it outstretched in your hands before you give it to help those who are in need?  You need to see yourself accomplishing the life style before it happens.  This means you need to dream the dream before it happens and run it over in your mind many, many times.  This is your vision; this is who you will become in the New Year. 


I hope this blog has helped you in some way and that you will like and share it with friends.


All the best for success in 2015,


Wanda Mills


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Christmas Wishes!



There are a lot of things that I could wish for you this Christmas so I just wanted to share some of those with you.


First, I wish you every joy and happiness during this Christmas season.  Christmas as celebrated by us Christian is a special time for the birth of the Savior of the World, Jesus Christ.  Without Him, there would be no Light of the World.  Without Him there is no Salvation.  God loved us so much that He sent His only Son to be born in a humble stable; Both God and Man, both Human and Divinity in one person.  Truly, He is the reason for the season.


Second, I wish for you the joy and happiness that can only be filled by being close to your family at this time of year.  There is nothing sadder than for someone to be alone at Christmas.  There comes a time in your life when it is no longer about the gifts…it’s about the giving!  The giving that you do with your family will not be forgotten.  The giving that you do for others even though you don’t know who they are is also not forgotten.  The gift from the heart is the most special of all gifts.  It doesn’t always have to be the material things!  It’s that special little extra something that you do for someone…no matter how small. 


It’s going that extra mile to make others happy.  Whether you drop a quarter in the Salvation Army bucket or you send a check to Feed My Starving Children or Food for the Poor or give that gift at church for the needy family who has nothing this year.  You can give food to the food shelf so that they have full shelves when someone in need stops by because they are short of money this year. 


It’s the small little things that you do like letting someone go before you while standing in line or allowing that car to merge safely instead of speeding up so they don’t get in front of you.  It’s about being extra patient with your family members when they don’t do, as you would expect them to do.


It’s about that small extra time that you spend with a child or a handicapped person.  Did you know that time is a most precious gift that you can give to someone?  It doesn’t cost anything but it sure warms the heart of the person receiving it.  So many people don’t spend the time with their elderly parents or grandparents.  This is just a small thing and it cost nothing…it’s just about caring enough to give your time. 


How about a simple smile?  It’s just a simple gift that could make someone’s day.  It’s very hard not to smile when someone smiles at you.  That person could be having the worse day of their life and a single smile from you could change that person’s outlook. 


These simple small things that you can do for others are what Christmas is all about.  It’s about the giving freely as God has given to you. 


I wish you the joy and happiness this Christmas in the silence of the night with a soft prayer to our Lord who watches over you with His loving care. 


May God Bless you abundantly this Christmas season and extend to you every blessing for joy and happiness now and in the coming year. 

Image courtesy of artur84, freedigitalphotosdotnet 

Merry Christmas!


Wanda Mills





The word I had in mind is Fear!  This one human emotion is responsible for more failure in business than any other thing.


Your fears are just negative thought patterns that you are running through your head over and over again.  Most fears are not even real or the majority of the time will never even happen.  It believes that you will experience some pain but it never happens. 


It’s an epidemic…fear causes so many problems but what can you do about it?  You can analyze your fear and do some self-talk.  Brendon Burchard has some helpful advice for you in his video “How to Overcome Fear” below. 



So let’s shed the light on that false fear that you have been dreading.  There are three types of pain that you could be causing you fear.  The fear of Loss paralyzes you so that you don’t do anything or move forward.  It makes you dependent on others for your security.  But the reality is that there is no security in this world.  You get over this by looking at what you will be gaining instead of the loss.  Use the negative statement and change that into “what if” I did this or that.


The next fear/pain is process pain.  You are afraid of the unknown about making a change.  The process is scary and you don’t change the status quo.  It’s too easy to stay the way you are than to learn to do something new.  Once again you need to look at this learning experience as a challenge.  The change will be exciting, engaging and we can look forward to the new change. 


The next pain is the outcome pain or fear.  What if I do all this work and it doesn’t work out?  What if this change is not better than what I had?  Stop focuses on the negative instead look at the other side of the fence as something new, something that we can change and look at what life could look like after you make that change. 


When you realize that the fear/pain is unrealistic, then you can make the changes that you want and many times need.  Focus on the gain, the joy the process and you can be looking at a life that is fully charged and full of happiness. 


I hope that this blog has helped you in some way and that you will like and share it with your friends. 


All the best,


Wanda Mills

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Ooohh, that’s a good one.  What can you do now to change your chances of having a fantastic 2015? 


I am not sure what products or services you are promoting but with just about all of them there are some things that you could do to be getting ready for the New Year. 


First, if you are not collecting names and email addresses you are shooting yourself in the foot.  Not literally but you get the picture.  One big mistake that people make is not collecting names of potential clients.  And you should have your buyers separated into a different list. 


When you send marketing emails to your lists, you need to consider that some of these people have already bought your primary product.  The separated list of people who have bought from you already should be treated differently.  Sure you want to send them your daily blogs but when you have a call to action at the end of your blog or in the P.S. portion, you want to make those offers different for each of the groups.  Your buyers have already bought the primary product so don’t send them to a capture page for the same thing they have already. 


Instead promote an upsell or a tool that can help them with their marketing in some way. 


If you don’t have an autoresponder yet, go to this link and get one. 



Then, start learning how to use it right away. 


Second, continue to market through the end of the year.  Some people make the mistake and think that it’s the holidays and people will not be buying products until the first of the year.  This couldn’t be further from the truth.  And even if they are holding off until January 1st…they are still looking at emails and advertising and considering which products they will purchase after the 1st of January.  If you are not marketing, you will not be one of the ones that they choose to purchase. 


Third, share a little bit about yourself and your family with your blog readers.  There is nothing more endearing to someone than home stories.  People relate to people who have had the same experiences or who are like them.  If you are a family man/woman, share some of your kids’ stories.  We all have them and people who have families will feel closer to you.  People buy from people they know and trust.  Open yourself up a little and share your life with them.  


Fourth, give your readers something for free.  If you have a report of a marketing technique or tool that you can offer to someone for free, then that’s great!  If not perhaps you could shoot a video showing them one of your marketing tips and give it away for free.  Good will goes a long way!  People remember you were that person who helped them to do something that they were struggling with…and they will likely reciprocate in some way or fashion. 


I hope these tips have helped you in some way and if so, please like and share with others.

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All the best for 2014 and into 2015,


Wanda Mills


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The income claims represented in this blog post are extraordinary and do not make a guarantee for your success or income level. Please see Empower Network's average affiliate earnings at: http://www.empowernetwork.com/income



Want to get out of that hole that you are in?  Make sure that you don’t have any of the “Why the Poor stay Poor” mindsets.


I just watched a video that was put out by Ray Higdon.  Ray has been in network marketing for quite a while now and has some very interesting concepts to share about Why the Poor stay Poor. 


In his video he is not trying to be mean to anyone but just trying to point out there are people in the world who have had greater obstacles and have succeeded online. 


I know this to be a fact because I personally know people who have cancer, who have drug addiction problems, who live in constant pain and even blind people who have all succeeded online. 


Ray Higdon gives us 3 reasons why people cannot create success. (Ray is at http://rayhigdon.com)  Here they are:


Refund  – that’s where the customer buys the product, uses it for a few weeks and then asks for a refund as if the product is somehow defective.  People who refund don’t get sales of their own products.


Cheaters get cheated!  If you cheat you will also get that in return.  Some people actually make fake wristbands or name tags just so they don’t have to pay admission into an event. 


Resistance to buying gets resistance to buying.  Let’s say that someone looks at an exceptional sales video and resists the urge to buy the product even though it is just what they need.  They exclaim…Oh; he is just trying to sell me something.  That person will also get resistance to someone buying his products. 


The negativity of this kind of person alone will cause them to fail in the online business industry.  You must be on constant alert to the dangers of a negative mindset.  Only with positive, fair dealings will you make a successful home business. 


The old proverb holds true:  Do unto others, as you would have them do unto you.  And I don’t mean to post such a negative blog but only want to point out that some of these things can be changed and turned around.  You don’t have to stay in your same predicament.  You have a choice to change your life for the better and I know you can do it.  You just need someone to point you in the right direction and the rest is up to you. 


Without change, you will be the same as you are now in 5 years.  Take the steps that you need now to change that future. 

Image courtesy of Stuart Miles, freedigitalphotosdotnet

I wish you every success now and in the New Year,


All my best,


Wanda Mills


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The income claims represented in this blog post are extraordinary and do not make a guarantee for your success or income level. Please see Empower Network's average affiliate earnings at: http://www.empowernetwork.com/income

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