Hope you are not too offended…but what is it that you want?  Or should I be asking what do you need to get your internet marketing business off the ground and reach that breakthrough status that you so deserve. 

I hope to be able to help you in some way with this short survey.  It’s only 4 questions so it will only take you less than one minute to answer.  Once I know what you need to succeed online, I will be putting together some live Hangouts and video to point you in the right direction.

Please take the time to fill out the questionnaire with the link below.


I will do my best to get you the answer that you are looking for as quickly as possible. 

Thanks for being a loyal reader on my list.  I hope to provide you with the value that you so deserve.

All the best,

Wanda Mills

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Did you ever want to quickly get your Instagram Pictures from your smart phone to use in other applications?  There is an easy quick download that’s free for Instagram users. Take your whole Instagram photos file and download to your computer.


I was just looking for a quick way to get my pictures over to my personal computer so that I could use them in my blogs.  I ran across this simple download and wanted to share it with you.  Hope that it helps you in some way.

All the best for your success,

Wanda Mills 

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Living here in the Midwest has its benefits and also its hardships.  I know different parts of country experience different weather related issues.  In Florida you have to deal with the occasional hurricane in Oklahoma you have to deal with the damaging tornadoes and in California it’s the earthquakes that are rock those homes and are so worrisome for those living there.  Here in Minnesota, we have such a fluctuation in the weather that it becomes extremely cold in winter and then very hot and humid in the summer time.

After 69.5 inches of snow in Minneapolis, and many days of frigid below zero temperatures, (this was the coldest winter since the 1978/1979 winter on record) we finally have the beginning of spring.  I can actually see the ground fully in the back yard with little sprouts of green mixed with the brown grass.  Today is a balmy 56 degrees and it feels so much like heaven that I have the windows open to bring in the fresh air after a long winter’s hibernation. 

Along with spring comes the spring cleaning and I have already begun that process.  The temperature gets me excited about planting flowers and going outside for long walks alongside the creek which has a path behind some of the suburban homes.  Almost like being in the woods…almost!

We are all taking a stretch from our long winter and even the dogs would agree to that.  After all, they have been cooped up in the house just as much as I have.  It’s really funny how they react to the snow and the warm weather.  Yuki, our cocker spaniel, is quite the character.  She loves the snow and usually celebrates a fresh blanket of snow with a roll around in it.  It’s quite comical to watch because she had grown this thick coat of fur.  The fur was so thick that we could not even put a brush through it but we thought that we would wait until warm weather to get her trimmed.  Skyler on the other hand is quite the delicate lady and prefers warm sunny corner next to the window for sun bathing.  Skyler is our Cavalier King Charles and she has medical issues that require her to have special dog food.  Don’t know if any of you have dogs with medical problems but they can be quite costly. 

Anyway, back to Yuki and her furry story.  I used to love the fur on her paws because they looked like those furry Russian boots that you see the television models wearing.  The top of her head was an exact look alike with Albert Einstein and she had sideburns that could match those found on the American Civil War General Ambrose Burnside (note:  that is where Sideburns got its name…lol) 

Saturday was the day of the appointment to get her fur removed and she returned home from Petsmart a new dog with a wonderful sweet ribbon tied to her collar.  Check out the before and after photos! 


Just thought I would share some of the spring activities from my home to yours.  Hope you are having a wonderful spring season and will share your stories with me in the comments below. 

Thanks for being on my list and I hope to bring you more marketing insights in future blogs. 

Bye for now,

Wanda Mills

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Just Released, Video#2 on ‘Traffic Magic’ has got some great freebies for you if you are patient enough to watch the whole video.  This stuff is incredible and very ninja! 

Any way you look at it Vick certainly delivered the goods...and the nice thing about that is that he has given away golden nuggets for free.  Why should you listen to Vick?  Because his nick name is “The Traffic Kingpin” and anyone who is going to show me more traffic strategies that has made over $2.8 million in commission sales in one year is definitely someone I want to pay close attention to.

Watch Video # 2 Here!

The information in this traffic training is enough to make you a better marketer and a better promoter.  I will even go out on a limb and say it will take you to the next level. 

In the next video, which is Video # 3, Vick shows us a brand new campaign to prove his traffic formula works.  He will attempt to get 100,000 visitors to his offer and build a new list from scratch!  He will show you the actual numbers in an over-the-shoulder live example.  He will show you when he is advertising and where he is advertising.  (Most gurus don’t show you this!)

50,000 students have already been coached with these strategies and they are getting results.  The program shows you how to master your mental state, how to master traffic generation and how to master your conversions.  This internet traffic formula will work for any website that you are promoting.  You could have a brick and mortar business and benefit from the training in our Internet Traffic Formula. 

Watch the Video # 2 Here!


There are 3 things needed!  Keep it Simple!

  1. An Offer or Business Opportunity
  2. A Capture Machine (Capture Page hooked to an autoresponder)
  3. Traffic to the capture page

Links to a couple autoresponders:

aWeber:  http://www.aweber.com/?398800

Get Response:  http://www.getresponse.com/index/millswj

Vick will show you how and where to get the best quality traffic.  Traffic is great but what is needed is sending traffic to your website that is interested in what you have to offer.  Normal optin rates are around 20% but our Traffic Formula will show you how to get 40, 50, and even 80% optin rates from a single source. (100,000 visitors with 40,000 optins, is not bad!)

I can go on and on about all the technical details of the Internet Traffic Formula but I think that you need to be the judge for yourself.  You need to see what quality we are giving away for free to understand that the actual product is going to give you sooo much more for your money. 

Watch Video # 2 Here and then be on the lookout for our 3rd Video being released tomorrow! 

All the best for your success,

Wanda Mills

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P.S.  Vick names names toward the end of the video for traffic sources…I didn’t even know about some of these sources!  Wow!


You know that to make it in any business on the internet you need two things; Traffic and Conversions!  So, why haven’t you picked this up yet…???

I don’t think you realize that we are giving away something for free that should have cost $10,000 if we were selling this information.

Why haven’t you picked this up yet?

This is the most valuable piece of the puzzle that you need in the way of important information for your marketing efforts.

Haven’t you picked this up yet?

These traffic secrets were put together by our traffic expert and business partner Vick Strizheus.  He spent the past 9 years developing this technique and is now sharing 4 free videos with all of his partners to share with the world.  He has proven his success…$710,000 in sales in a 27 day window. 

Haven’t you picked this up?

Yeah, our buddy Vick also had earned $2.8 million in commissions in a one year period, and if you listen to anyone you should be listening to someone who has a proven track record.

Have you picked this up?

There is one thing that I know and it’s this…traffic and conversions are the lifeblood of your business.  It doesn’t matter what your line of business is…all that matters is that you get enough people looking at your products or offers and for those people to buy.

Did you pick this up?

Our first free video has already gone live and our second video will be released at 12:00 Noon EST tomorrow!  There is some excellent material on that first video and tomorrows should be giving you more tips for traffic.  Btw, Vick pulled in 100K visitors with an 80% opt-in rate…where else would you get these kinds of numbers? 

Pick it up today!

All the best for your success,

Wanda Mills

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