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Hey, a wonderful project that's not only exciting and different but wholesome as friends, Matt and  Bev Murray are working on a project with horses...Now, I know you love horses but this is a horse of a different all about it here:

When this one is completed, I will be headed their way for a visit.

Love new creative ideas!


Wanda Mills 

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I was just wondering if you want to know the secret to How I got 290 leads and 22 sales? 

I’ll tell you first about this great product of a whole line of tools that you can use in your online marketing.  These are tools that will help you succeed online no matter what product you promote.  But the beauty is…when you also promote this product as an affiliate you get sales and a terrific comp. plan to boot! (100% commissions on basic level – but to be honest, if I were you, I would join at the Master Distributor Level because you get even greater commissions!)  But, don’t take my word for it…watch the video and see for yourself.

Now, back to how I got the leads and sales!

It’s easy…but you gotta join at the PRO level before I will give up my sources.

Join Here:  Basic and PRO and I will forward my resources to you promptly.

If I don’t happen to notice that you got in at the PRO level…then shoot me an email and I will shoot you out my best connections. 

Hope you are all having a great day!  I know that I am smiling all the way!

All the best,

Wanda Mills
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Just got 233 leads using this system...and it's got a whole banquet of tools that I haven't even touched
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All the best, 

Wanda Mills
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Wanda Mills, here!  Hope we can get to know one another as I am looking to work with like minded people who want to succeed and I only work with people who want to succeed!  We have a team concept here and a very active private Facebook group that helps you along the way with answers to questions.  Not only are we helpful…we are very loving as well and cheer our members on to that next level.  So, if you are a serious minded person who wants to change your life…then come ahead and work with us.

Not sure you realize what we have here for you.  This product is the ultimate “all in one” product of a line of tools that every marketer needs to conduct business.  Let me give you a lineup of what is in the package:

Publishing Tools:

Capture Page Wizard
Sales Page Wizard
Lightbox Capture Page
Form Creator

Sales Page Management:

My Leads
Ad Co-op
Ad Copy

Broadcast Webinar Tools:

Email Broadcast
Voice Broadcast
Postal Broadcasts
Google Hangouts
SMS Text Broadcasting

Respond Tools:

Postal Auto Responder
Email Auto Responder
Voice Auto Responder
Live Chat
3rd Party Auto Responder
Text Auto Responder

Plus an EZ Mobile App Creator…guys, you can sell this to local businesses on the side!

All these in one package…unheard of!!

And you can get started for as little as $30/mo…I pay that for one auto responder alone! 

So, what’s there not to like?? 

All the tools you need in one low cost package plus the comp. plan for becoming an affiliate to sell this system to your downline at 100% commission…it’s a win-win no matter how you look at it!

Revisit the offer at the link below!  I think you are sure to find an excellent product teamed with an excellent comp. plan!  I know when I first saw this system of tools…I said to myself…where were these people when I started marketing online 4 years and many separate payments to all the various tools vendors out there.  I could have saved myself hundreds of dollars.

Here’s the link!

Join us now…but only if you are serious and want to make this work!

All the best for your success,

Wanda Mills
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