Do you know which advertising strategies are working and which ones are not?  Are you tired of throwing away money on advertising that may or may not be working for you?  There has to be a solution to the problem of knowing which advertising is serving you well.  After all, we all want to use our hard earned dollars as best we can.

The best way to find out what is working is by using tracking.  Usually this can be done by adding your advertising source at the end of your link.

Dissecting Your URL Links for Tracking Purposes

Let’s dissect our link:

The first part of our link is the sales page in which you are sending your captured leads to from your capture page.   It Looks like this:

The next part of your link is your identification and is usually a user name.  It looks like this:


The final part of the link is your advertising source.  It looks like this:


So when a lead opens up your sales video or sales page you can track it to see which sources are providing you with the most leads.  In this way you can do more of the advertising that is working and less of that which is not working.  You will be saving so much money on your advertising and making your hard earned dollars work hard on your behalf.

To purchase a funnel system that will allow this type of tracking…visit the link below and watch the video.  This is a brand new system that you will just love.  Get your hands on it today!!

Track Your Advertising With This System

All the best for your success,

Wanda Mills
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Being in internet marketing for the past 4 years full time has allowed me to try 
quite a few products that have been offered as tools to help marketers.  I have spent a great deal of money to learn everything that I can about marketing online.

Yeah, I was one of those who jumped from offer to offer trying to find the 
"Holy Grail" that would make me rich.  

So, I am probably a lot like you!  

I am sure that you have tried your share by purchasing the "latest and greatest
since sliced bread” gizmo. 

Since I know the feeling of putting up my hard earned money on products that
that don’t work, I wanted to share with you some of the things that I have learned.

Here they are:

Jumping from product launch to products launch is a bad idea.  It does nothing for
you except empty your wallet.  Even though I don’t want to take away that experience from you, I do want you to save some of your money. 

In order to succeed online in marketing, you need a good product to sell.  This choice is totally up to you.  And if you have a niche that you love, definitely look into marketing that product.  Actually, marketing to your group within the niche is a good idea.  Make sure that the product you choose though is one that the market wants. (This one teaches you how to market online -

Invest in your business with the purchase of the right tools that help you market

Get an Autoresponder.

You are going to need an autoresponder so you can communicate with the people
 in your niche.

Capture Page Creator.

Get a capture page creator so that you can capture the email
addresses of people who want to be a part of your niche group.  Unique capture
pages will get more opt-ins than the cookie cutter capture pages that your
affiliate company gives you.  Most people looking to market online have seen
these pages already and are already on someone else’s list. 

Hold live meetings. 

Live meetings sell…more so than emails.  I know you are not comfortable with this right now but you have to start some time.  It will be hard at first but you will get better at these as you do more of them.  Google+ Hangouts work well and there is also go to meeting but is a bit costly.

Create videos. 

This is another one that is hard to do at first but when you finish 50 or more videos you will become a Pro at it.  I use Camtasia ( for my PC and it works well for me.  Mac users can Google for the best options.

These are just four tools that you will need if you want to do an effective job of
marketing online.  There are other tools that can be used and are ones that
will set you out as being different from all the other thousand of marketers out
there.  When you are different from the rest, people take notice and want to see
what you are up to.  Getting noticed is a good thing because more people will
join your business. 

There is one product that offers you the tools that you need and the ones that others are not using. (It doesn’t include Camtasia)  It also comes at a price point that you would normally pay for one product alone.  What a bonus!  All your marketing tools available in one sweet package.

The added super bonus is that you can become an affiliate of this line of products and sell these to your people.  That’s not all, because when you become a PRO member, you also are able to create mobile apps.  This product can be used to sell to other businesses. 

View the compensation plan here!

I hope this has helped you in some way and look forward to
working with you in the future. 

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All the best always,

Wanda Mills
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One very annoying problem is building your list and waiting and hoping for them to open an email or two just so you can get the word out about your fantastic product or service.  WE all would love for everyone to open our emails, right?  So how do we solve the problem?

I’ve put together a video to address one way to do this: 

Hope this was helpful and if so like and share this with your favorite friends.

Make it a great day,

Wanda Mills

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Don’t you hate it when you have that important call and your battery goes dead?  Here’s a helpful list of tips to help you save battery life no matter what phone you have!

Turn your phone’s brightness down and disable auto-brightness.

Disable automatic application updates from your app store.

Turn off the vibration function.

Disable location settings like GPS.

If you are getting low signal, whether it be cellular, cellular data, or Wi-Fi; turn it off.

Reduce the timer for your screen time-out settings – auto lock and dimming.

Switch away from push email and move to fetch, or decrease the fetch intervals.

Turn off Bluetooth when you’re not using it.

View the statistics of your battery usage to see where your power is going.

Close out of applications you aren’t using, or restart your phone.

Need to charge your phone in a hurry? Turn the device off, or put it in airplane mode to charge faster. Also, try a compatible charger of a higher wattage or amperage.

Have an extra charger on hand, in your car, office or backpack in case of emergencies.


Do you know any other tricks or tips to save battery life? If you know of any others that we can add to our list…please comment below.

Make it a grateful day,

Wanda Mills
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