Thanksgiving is a time to reflect back on all the good that you have been given in your life.  Many of us who have been students of personal development have picked up the habit of giving “thanks” or if you will gratitude on a daily basis.  With this in mind, giving thanks takes on a whole new meaning.  When you offer your thanks on a daily basis, this changes you.  You begin to look at life in a whole new way.


You seem to be more upbeat about life.  You seem to take the daily struggles a little better.  You don’t get as upset about the small stuff that life throws you.  You change the negatives into positives.  And the biggest thing that you get from this daily habit is that you appreciate the small things that you have and notice a better world about you. 


You are a kinder, gentler person.  You treat others with understanding and look less at  “what in it for me” and more at “how can I help” that situation.  You see, the world is made of millions of people who are all going through something and all trying their best or at least they should be trying their best. 


This is the time of year to spread a little kindness.  Give to your church or the local #Salvation Army bucket.  Help someone in need who has lost his or her way or has no food.  Give to your loved ones that extra love, kindness or charity.  Forgive someone who has wronged you.  Let go of the past and take one step forward to a new more gentler you. 


No one is promised a long life here on earth.  What you do here and now shows God that your life has more meaning than just the sum of your own personal wellbeing.  Help a brother or sister who is in need.  There is so much that you can do to make this a better world.  Just take a long look around you.  The opportunities crop up in every nook and cranny for you to take action and do something, whether it is by giving of your resources or money or by lending a helping hand. 


One of my favorite charities is called #Feed My Starving Children.  This group is located all throughout the US and we have one office here locally.  They use volunteers to package food packs, which they call Manna Packs.  These people put together food packs that are sent all around the world.  The food packs consist of rice, soy, and vegetable mixtures that provide the proper nutrients to help starving children.  Lives are being saved from starvation and malnutrition.  They give hope to the destitute and new life to the sick. 


If you find it in your heart to give and are looking for a charity that does some real, life saving work then this is the one for you to help with your donation.  I have included their link…I get nothing from this except the joy of knowing that I have spread the word about this wonderful charity.


Feed My Starving Children, Give the Gift of Hope! 

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God Bless you all,


Wanda Mills



“Whether you think you can or you think you can’t --you are right!” ~ Henry Ford~


Either way you look at it…you’re going to be right because it’s a matter of mindset.  The person who strives to succeed will indeed succeed just by their sheer action. 


I had a problem that I want to share with you so that you don’t make the same mistake that I made.  This can save you years of struggling to make money online. 


Here’s the video:



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All the best for your success,


Wanda Mills



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We all got that lack of trust thing going on inside of us.  Experience is the best teacher is the old cliché that drums through that grey matter between our ears. 

All of us have had that broken heart or perhaps we were the ones breaking hearts.  We have all had our hopes and dreams banished in some way or another.  Yes, life is full of its little disappointments; it’s roadblocks and stumbling stones.  It’s all part of growing up and just plain living. 


So what do we do about gaining the trust of our clients?  This is a hard one to answer but I will give you some practical advice. 


Do what you say and say what you mean!


Never promise someone something that you cannot deliver!  This is the cardinal sin…you cannot take back what you didn’t do.  When problem solving be careful what you promise your customer. Do not try to schmooze it over just to get rid of the customer who is complaining.  Offer them a solution that you can deliver!  Even if it’s not the solution that the customer wants; only give them what you can follow through with to ease their complaint.  To do otherwise will create a customer whom you have lost credibility.  It’s better to offer a partial solution than to offer a solution that never happens.  At least the customer will know that you tried your very best to help them. 


Be Honest in Your Advertising


Over exaggerating your product or service is not only dishonest it creates high expectations on the part of the buyer that could have been avoided.  Truth in advertising is the way to go to keep your buying public happy.  We all know that we have to be creative to get the attention of our buyers.  But being creative and a flat out lie are two different things. 


Put Your Best Foot Forward for Your Client


When you do anything for your client, put your best efforts into the project.  Don’t just do a half way job on anything because after all that has your name and reputation attached to it.  Do your best in all that you do and your customers will love you for it.


A Positive Mental Attitude Goes a Long Way


“Whistle while you work” is such a happy little Disney Song in Snow White and the Seven Dwarfs.  I always picture them dancing merrily as they head off to the mines for the day.  Put this same positive mental attitude into your workday.  Smile!  You will be amazed to know that your customers can sense whether you are a happy positive person or not.  It’s true!!  They can even sense it in your writings and in your videos.  And for some reason, customers don’t trust a negative person; they don’t even want to do business with them. 


It’s the business that caters to its customers that succeeds.  People want to do business with someone that they can trust.  Put these suggestions into action and see what kind of changes occur in your bottom line. 


For more positive mind set training, see our Inner Circle product.  Listen to one of the audios daily.  It will help you gain more insights into how your attitude affects your business success. 


Here’s the link to join.


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All the best for your success,


Wanda Mills


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Glad you asked! 


I have had people with a business of their own ask me this very same question.  Why should I promote my business using a blog?  I already have a fantastic website with all the bells and whistles.  This website cost me $2,000 to build and the graphic artist is fantastic.  It has numerous pages and people can find anything that they need right here on my webstore.


The answer is plain and simple.  Your website is beautiful and looks terrific online but no one sees it.  You might then tell me that you have thousands of backlinks that you purchased when you had the site built.  So why is it not producing any sales?


The simple answer is; because that kind of website needs for you to purchase a constant flow of backlinks.  What’s more, if you are buying from a regular vendor who sells backlinks to everyone then you are just getting the same backlinks that your competitor has purchased.  You can’t fool Google because it doesn’t look natural. 


So, what’s the answer?  Easy…A Blog!


A blog (short for web log) has everything that Google is looking for if you have the right plug ins.  Therefore, you can avoid the colossal expense for the cost of a website.  A blog is not static; it’s dynamic.  It’s constantly changing and in a state of flux.  Google loves new content…and anything that keeps moving is certainly going to get noticed. 


A blog fits in with the movement of traffic.  Think of a fast highway with moving traffic and picture your blog as a sports car moving along with the other traffic online.  Your website is like the car that has stalled on the side of the road.  The traffic (or what you could consider buyers) is moving so fast that they don’t even notice you stalled on the side of the road.  What’s worse, they don’t even stop to help you.  You may be sitting there for hours before a police car stops to assist you. 


You may say to me that your company offers an affiliate site that you have been promoting without success.  Yes, that is true but once again, this website is a cookie cutter site and looks and feels exactly like all the other affiliate websites.  There is not any advantage promoting the company’s website.  Google hates them anyway. 


The simple answer to all these questions is to get yourself a blog.  Blog everyday so that you have constant, new content on the blog and it will get you noticed by the search engines.  This is the place where you can put your affiliate links so that people who are interested in your offer can go to the affiliate site.  Give people information about your products or services.  Tell them stories that are about you and the kind of person that you are because people like doing business with people they know.  Do you realize that if people feel like they know you they are more than likely to buy from you even if your prices might be a little higher than your competitor.  Personalize your business by letting others know you by using a blog and get more results in the way of additional sales.

Don’t have a blog…get yours here!

All the best for your success,


Wanda Mills

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Not sure if this is a sign of passage but I just got my first Mac.  The old PC was five years old and it was time to get a new computer.  I guess I had always looked at a Mac as a sign of advancement.  You know how you get these ideas in your head from other people that you talk to or associate with.  Seems like the Mac is the Cadillac of computers.  Or at least that is what I have grown to believe.  Or maybe the newest rage is the Tesla in luxury cars…I don’t know.


You’ll have to bear with me for a while as I learn a new language.  The language of Apple users who speak Macintosh is new for me and it will take some adjustment.


It seems that I didn’t even know how to shut the thing down correctly.  And when uploading software, I didn’t know how to get the dang thing out of there…oh, there’s the eject button.  Up is down and down is up with the mouse.  Can’t seem to find out how to save the documents.  Where is my Chrome when I need it?  And I am amazed that the Wi-Fi works correctly with my new printer.  I was saying bad things under my breath (QX@Z#%) as I was trying to install that thing because I didn’t know where the paper drawer for the printed copies was located (it’s in the machine, right under the hood) and I couldn’t even make a photocopy without installing the software in my computer.  I am talking about flipping up the hood and laying a sheet of paper down that you want to copy.  So, all in all it’s been a frustrating week. 

But for the coming week…it’s full immersion!  I’m jumping in with both feet!


As with anything new it’s a new adventure.  I am lucky to have my 25-year-old daughter around for a short time (She’s moving into an apartment next weekend) and she has already shown me a few shortcuts. 


Love the kids…they are sooo techy!


Make it a great day and as with anything new in life…just jump on in the water is fine! 


Wish me luck!


Wanda Mills

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