Don’t you hate it when you have that important call and your battery goes dead?  Here’s a helpful list of tips to help you save battery life no matter what phone you have!

Turn your phone’s brightness down and disable auto-brightness.

Disable automatic application updates from your app store.

Turn off the vibration function.

Disable location settings like GPS.

If you are getting low signal, whether it be cellular, cellular data, or Wi-Fi; turn it off.

Reduce the timer for your screen time-out settings – auto lock and dimming.

Switch away from push email and move to fetch, or decrease the fetch intervals.

Turn off Bluetooth when you’re not using it.

View the statistics of your battery usage to see where your power is going.

Close out of applications you aren’t using, or restart your phone.

Need to charge your phone in a hurry? Turn the device off, or put it in airplane mode to charge faster. Also, try a compatible charger of a higher wattage or amperage.

Have an extra charger on hand, in your car, office or backpack in case of emergencies.


Do you know any other tricks or tips to save battery life? If you know of any others that we can add to our list…please comment below.

Make it a grateful day,

Wanda Mills
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Hey, all...got a wonderful project that's not only exciting and different but wholesome as well...my friends, Matt and  Bev Murray are working on a project with horses...Now, I know you love horses but this is a horse of a different color....read all about it here:


When this one is completed, I will be headed their way for a visit.

Love new creative ideas!


Wanda Mills 

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