Want to get out of that hole that you are in?  Make sure that you don’t have any of the “Why the Poor stay Poor” mindsets.


I just watched a video that was put out by Ray Higdon.  Ray has been in network marketing for quite a while now and has some very interesting concepts to share about Why the Poor stay Poor. 


In his video he is not trying to be mean to anyone but just trying to point out there are people in the world who have had greater obstacles and have succeeded online. 


I know this to be a fact because I personally know people who have cancer, who have drug addiction problems, who live in constant pain and even blind people who have all succeeded online. 


Ray Higdon gives us 3 reasons why people cannot create success. (Ray is at http://rayhigdon.com)  Here they are:


Refund  – that’s where the customer buys the product, uses it for a few weeks and then asks for a refund as if the product is somehow defective.  People who refund don’t get sales of their own products.


Cheaters get cheated!  If you cheat you will also get that in return.  Some people actually make fake wristbands or name tags just so they don’t have to pay admission into an event. 


Resistance to buying gets resistance to buying.  Let’s say that someone looks at an exceptional sales video and resists the urge to buy the product even though it is just what they need.  They exclaim…Oh; he is just trying to sell me something.  That person will also get resistance to someone buying his products. 


The negativity of this kind of person alone will cause them to fail in the online business industry.  You must be on constant alert to the dangers of a negative mindset.  Only with positive, fair dealings will you make a successful home business. 


The old proverb holds true:  Do unto others, as you would have them do unto you.  And I don’t mean to post such a negative blog but only want to point out that some of these things can be changed and turned around.  You don’t have to stay in your same predicament.  You have a choice to change your life for the better and I know you can do it.  You just need someone to point you in the right direction and the rest is up to you. 


Without change, you will be the same as you are now in 5 years.  Take the steps that you need now to change that future. 

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I wish you every success now and in the New Year,


All my best,


Wanda Mills


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Did you ever play the ponies or go to a casino and play poker or the slots?  How about buying a Lottery ticket?  They give you the odds of winning. 


There are different games and in one game alone, you choose 6 numbers from 1 to 48. The order of the numbers is not important, and so we need to calculate a combination. We can choose six number from 48. By the combination formula this number is 48!/(6!42!) = 12,271,512. As matching all of these numbers perfectly accounts for one of these combinations, the probability of matching and winning millions is 1 in 12,271,512.



Have you heard the latest statistics of the number of people who will succeed with online marketing?  That number is 1 in 100. 


That may not sound so good to you but compared to buying a lottery ticket…that’s a awesome number. 


You may ask, what is it that those who are in the 1% category do differently than those who are in the 99th percentile? 


They Persist!


The number one reason that the 99th percentile of online marketers fail is because they accept failure when they reach a roadblock.  Instead of going around, under or pushing through when they have problems, they just plain quit!


You can quit if you want to but in doing so you will never succeed at changing your life.  So it’s just a matter of choices.  You can choose to press on and do your best on a daily basis or you can quit.  You can blame it all on someone else or the latest and greatest program that you just purchase a week ago. 


The reality here is that you need to get a little tougher on yourself.  Go to the mirror and have a talk.  I know this sounds dumb but do it anyway.   Ask yourself if you are doing everything possible to make your business work.  Be honest here because you are not fooling anyone but yourself.  Are you doing all that your program tells you to do to make a go of it?  The honest answer will be a NO!


I don’t want to harp at you I only want you to realize that you are holding yourself back.  Make the necessary changes.  Do all of the assignments that are given to you.

You will come to realize that this business works. 


You can succeed in online marketing!  It’s a proven strategy and all you need to make it come true is the drive and persistence to make it happen. 

Do yourself a favor, stop procrastinating!  Even if you do something badly or you sound horrible on your first video production, do it anyway.  I was horrible on my first video and then after about 50 videos, I didn’t sound so bad.  I actually sounded surer of myself.  All it takes is doing something over and over again to perfect it. 


If you don’t have a product to begin your online marketing, I have just the right product for you.  Your new members can just get started for a mere $7.00 trail offer.  They are carefully walked through the steps needed to proceed at marketing on the internet. 


Be sure to get the product here first, then go through the steps yourself and do exactly what the videos tell you to do.  From that point, you will get your new members to do the same thing. 


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You have a better chance of winning with this franchise system then you do at winning the lottery.  That’s a true statistic!!


Grab your system and I’ll be contacting you to see how you are getting along!

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To your success,


Wanda Mills



The income claims represented in this blog post are extraordinary and do not make a guarantee for your success or income level. Please see Empower Network's average affiliate earnings at: http://www.empowernetwork.com/income

You already know this one…its getting people to watch the sales video.  Not just any sales video…our iPas2 sales video. 


You may ask why iPas2?  Because we are getting tremendous conversion rate with this product, that’s why!


The more people you get to watch that video…the more money you make.  It’s that simple. 


They can get in for just $7.00 for a trail offer and take it for a test drive for a week.


Here are some simple list building methods that can be completed in an hour and once you get the hang of it…we have more advanced methods in our back office that can get you more traffic.


Number One:

The easiest way to get people looking at your website is to purchase done-for-you traffic.  Paid traffic is the all time fastest way to get those eyeballs looking at your sales page.  The first have to optin to your list to get to the sales page.  WE show you how to do that.


It’s a good idea to set aside a certain amount of money to invest in paid traffic.  Consistency and momentum are the key elements here to making profits.  The good part about this is that there is not a lot of work on your part.


A traffic broker is best if you don’t want to write the ads yourself.  We have a list of our favorites that we successfully use and will share those with our new members.  (Optin rates using our capture pages is 30 to 50%) 


Number Two:

You could also schedule an email Solo Ad with one of our vendors who own huge massive emails lists.  These guys will email an ad on your behalf so that you can test different ad versions to see which ones work the best for your.  You can also test which Solo vendor works the best as well. 


Not only do we give you the vendor names but we also give you sample ads that you can use and tweak to your style and flavor. 


Number Three:

Next, make a post on your Facebook profile first thing in the morning.  It’s best to ask a question and get people responding to you.  You could post proof positive that it works for you or someone else in your business and they can message you for more information.  We give you sample posts, images,  and videos that you can use. (Don’t forget to use an income disclaimer at the bottom anytime you make income claims)


Number Four:

Daily done for you Craigslist posts.  Post these every 2 to 3 days.  We give you sample ads to create.


Number Five: 

Send an email 2 times per day to your personal and getresponse lists.  Send one at 8:00 AM EST (promo email) and one at 3:00 PM EST (this should be your blog post.) 


With this in mind, now is the time to start writing useful blog posts.  Choose a subject to write about that will give your reader some value.  Don’t just try to pitch your product here.  Think about what your reader’s problems are and how you could solve their problem.  What is most important is that the topic you choose is interesting.  It is something that the reader can use, or answers a question that they might have or teaches them something that has value to them.   And if you are really seasoned you can shoot a video about it or just use your cell phone.  It’s best to include the video on your blog. 


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All the best for your success,


Wanda Mills


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The income claims represented in this blog post are extraordinary and do not make a guarantee for your success or income level. Please see Empower Network's average affiliate earnings at: http://www.empowernetwork.com/income

What separates the Successful Internet Marketer from the rest?

The one thing that separates the successful internet marketer and one who has not reached their full potential is that fact that they make the best use of their time.  A successful marketer does not waste time watching television or watching the news or those silly sitcom shows that have no value to add to their life. 



A successful internet marketer uses his time wisely by constantly being in production mode.  What I mean is that he is always doing something that will enhance his internet marketing business.  To be a success with marketing on the internet you need to constantly seek out ways to grow yourself personally and grow your business. 


One sure way to grow yourself is to read books.  Read everything you can about personal development from the best and brightest living and deceased professionals.  There are so many good books out there and they are too numerous to list here.  Google personal development  books and take a look at the top authors.  Successful internet marketers are avid readers because they know the value in improving themselves. 

Successful Internet Marketers Read Books.

Here are just a few of them:


Stephen R Covey
Dale Carnegie
Tim Ferriss

Napoleon Hill

David Allen

Robert Kiyosaki

Brian Tracy

What Other Things Do Successful Internet Marketers Do?

There are also other things that a successful internet marketer does with their time.  They listen to training audio.  They shoot videos both at home and in their car.  Yes, I said in their car because they do not waste time and they can market to the readers of their blogs while they are on the go.  They shoot video when they are at a conference or on vacation.  Their work allows them to take long vacations and what a better way to show their viewer what life can be like if they too become a successful internet marketer. 


To become a success, an internet marketer must market daily.  He cannot just read book and learn, he has to implement the knowledge.  This means he is blogging on a daily basis (you can take Sundays off).  But passing on the knowledge that you have learned helps your readers improve their own businesses and hopefully become one of the members of your own team. 


When you educate yourself put that knowledge to use by taking action and then pass that knowledge along to your team members.  This is how you can grow your business and earn yourself a lifelong income.  When you help others, you are also helping yourself. 

Key to Success is to become a Leader.

When you become the leader of a team of people you have achieved your goal of being that successful internet marketer.  It is by helping others that also helps our business thrive even in lean times.  People will do just about anything you say as long as you are helping them with what they need in their businesses. 


I am hoping that these words have inspired you in some way and that you will like and share this with your friends. 

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All the best always,

Wanda Mills


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The income claims represented in this blog post are extraordinary and do not make a guarantee for your success or income level. Please see Empower Network's average affiliate earnings at: http://www.empowernetwork.com/income



You all know what the big why is don’t you?  It’s your reason for doing this home business in the first place.  Many of us think we know what our BIG WHY is but really you have to dig a little deeper to figure it out. 

I say this because it was the same way for me.  We have this vague idea that we want to make money online.  Many of us also have come up with a dollar amount to answer the question of the big why.  The average person online trying to make a go of it will answer that they want to make $3,000 per month.  It seems that $3,000 is a magic number because that is about what will cover someone’s monthly bills. 


Finding your number is the first step but there is a deeper reason that you should pull out of yourself. 


Why do you want to make money online? 


When you answer that question you will know what your driving force is.  So let’s do a little experiment.


Q:  Why do you want to make money online?

A:   So that I can pay my monthly bills.


Q:  Why do you want to pay your monthly bills?

A:  So that I don’t have to worry about making my bill payments.


Q:  Why don’t you want to worry about making your bills?

A:  So that I can have peace of mind.


Q:  Why do you want to have piece of mind?

A:   So that I am not so stressed.


Q:  Why do you not want to be stressed?

A:  Because I have enough stress during the day with my job


Q:  Why is your job so stressful?

A:  Because I have a boss that I cannot stand any more.  He rides me constantly for no reason. 


Q:  Why does your boss ride your back?

A:  Because he is a no good so-and-so and likes to push around his weight.


Q:  Why does he push around his weight?

A:  Because he is the owner’s son and he can.


Q:  Why don’t you quit?

A:  That’s why I want to make money online so that I can afford to quit.


We have just gone through a series of questions to get at the root of the problem.  You can do this with any reasoning to find out the real reason for you wanting to make money online. 


When you find out your real WHY, then you will know what drives you and be able to concentrate on your marketing efforts to achieve your goal…which in our example was to be able to quit the job. 


When you attach your reasoning behind your efforts, this will give you the determination to push forward and plow down any roadblocks along the way. 


I hope this has helped you in some way and if so, please comment below.

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Here’s to achieving your real WHY!


All the best,


Wanda Mills


P.S.  If you want a blog platform that can help you reach your WHY, just get started with this link:  http://ibourl.com/16hu




The income claims represented in this blog post are extraordinary and do not make a guarantee for your success or income level. Please see Empower Network's average affiliate earnings at: http://www.empowernetwork.com/income

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